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Environmentally friendly GREEN POWER is now available from Clark County REMC through a program called Enviro-Watts. 

Enviro-Watts is our name for energy generated from renewable, environmentally preferred sources.When you participate in this voluntary program, we’ll purchase the energy to meet your needs from an environmentally renewable resource. This program puts the power to help the environment in your hands by purchasing blocks of Green Power in 100 kwh blocks for just an additional $2 per month. You may purchase up to 10 blocks of Green Power or 1,000 kwh’s. It just got easier being green by supporting and promoting the conservation of natural resources and the development of renewable energy resources from Clark County REMC.

To sign up for GREEN POWER from Clark County REMC through a program called Enviro-Watts please contact our office.

Each block purchased will be an additional $2 to your monthly bill. You can purchase up to $1,000 kwhs of Green Power. The minimum participation period is one year.

□  100 kwhs ( $2/month)

□  200 kwhs ($4/month)

□  300 kwhs ($6/month)

□  400 kwhs ($8/month)

□  500 kwhs ($10/month)

□  600 kwhs ($12/month)

□  700 kwhs ($14/month)

□  800 kwhs ($16/month)

□  900 kwhs ($18/month)

□  1,000 kwhs ($20/month)


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