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Energy Theft

Are you willing to pay your utility bills as well as those of someone else? Most of us would say no, but with utility theft on the rise, you are doing just that. The reality is, you are paying the electric, gas, water and cable bills for a number of people who decided to let you pay their bills while they steal and enjoy services for free. Utilities nationwide are combating this $6 billion crime, and unfortunately, the losses are passed on to honest customers.

Theft of electricity not only puts your family's pocketbook, but also your personal safety at risk. Tampering with an electric meter box renders it unsafe and unstable. The thief puts himself and any neighbors, children, or family pets in the area in danger of potentially fatal electric shocks, power surges, sparks and fire from the exposed 240 volts. For this reason, it should not be enough to simply pay back the dollar value of what was stolen and then forget it. In order to stop repeat offenders, utilities must take appropriate action on your behalf to see that utility thieves are prosecuted to the full extent of the law and to protect honest customers from harm.

A few clues of meter tampering are the following: a broken seal or wire on the meter; any unusual attachment to a meter such as a stick, wire, jumper cable or magnet; the meter appears altered; an individual bragging about bypassing the meter to lower the power bill.

If you suspect someone is stealing electricity, contact Clark County REMC. You do not have to give your name. You could help the co-op reduce costs for all consumers and prevent innocent people from being hurt by electrical shock.

Help Catch Power Thieves!

What you can do:

  • Look for clues
  • Contact Clark County REMC anonymously

What the co-op does:

  • Verifies theft
  • Reports theft to police
  • Case is turned over to court system for prosecution

Remember: When people steal electricity from your cooperative, they're stealing from you! 

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