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Commercial Services

Automobile manufacturers, book publishers, and national retailers have all chosen to build in communities served by Touchstone Energy Cooperatives.We have the power and professional know-how to meet your electrical requirements. Whether opening a new facility or expanding your existing business we can help. Most importantly, when you throw the switch, you can be confident that we'll be there to deliver the power you need to succeed.

Energy Management
Clark County REMC can help you analyze your energy use. We can help track down wasteful practices and inefficient equipment. We can also help find the solutions needed to make improvements in your energy consumption.

Power Factor Correction
Rates for large power facilities are designed to encourage customers to maintain a certain power factor. Poor power factor causes excess current to flow through power delivery equipment and can lead to increased operating and capital expenses for both the customer and the REMC.

Adding capacitors can raise power factors to acceptable percentages and eliminate penalties built into the rate design. It also can help increase plant capacity.

In 2000, the REMC implemented a turnkey Power Factor Correction program. With the assistance of a local engineering firm, we review the power factor history, monitor the harmonic content of the voltage and current in your facility and provide a cost analysis.

Emergency Power
Electric service from the REMC is reliable. When outages do occur, the REMC tries to make repairs as fast as possible. But the truth of the matter is that restoration of electric service may take more time than you have to give…especially in inclement weather.

The REMC can provide you with a turnkey UPS (uninterrupted power supply) system and/or back-up generation program. We offer sizing and specification of the system as well as third party financing.

Lighting Audits
Lighting is a significant portion of many businesses’ energy use. The REMC offers an on-site lighting audit that can reduce your energy costs and improve illumination by offering new lighting technologies. Third party financing can also be arranged.


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